We're back in the monkey business

and getting ready for a hot summer. We're bringing you none other than D.I., DOA, SLOPPY SECONDS, TSOL and TOXIC REASONS across the pond to make your little greasy punk rock hearts beat faster. Get ready for a whole bunch of punk rock classics! First dates are confirmed many more to come!



For everyone who is wondering what's going on here....

we are still alive!

but because of the constant ups and downs and many idiotic government - arbitrariness we are currently under the radar.
we hope to get back to normal this summer and 2023! we miss you all!

don't let the government divide you - fuck the new normal!




DOA are confirmed for Rebellion Festival 2021. To celebrate the 40th birthday of Hardcore 81, the Album will be played in its entirety Hell yes!



Go to Brooklynvegan to watch D.O.A. rail against Trump in "all the presidents men" video

"all the presidents men" video



2020 is a big year for TSOL - 40years as a band - 3 original members - not many bands can say that.

To celebrate their 40th anniversary they will return to europe for 2,5 weeks end of July and August.





We keep it easy for the rest of this year, but a lot of exiting things are in this pipeline for 2020.

In the meantime please give our canadian from D.O.A. some support:

D.O.A's Hardcore 81 album has been nominated by CBC's Slaight Heritage Foundation as one of Canada's best albums of all tima.

If you can help D.O.A. out by voting that would be really great.

I have included the link here and you can vote once a day up to and including October 24th.

Thanks so much

Talk - Action = 0




We finally have a new web-page. After quite a long time using only social-medias we decided to go back to the good old homepage.

We tried to make it as simple/basic as possible - no "schnick-schnack", no bullshit, just a place where you can find stuff you are looking for as fast as possible ...